Startup Booster Program

Our Startup Experience. When we founded Authorize.Net in 1996, we literally started the company from a garage, scraping and clawing every penny to pay our bills. That experience was incredibly difficult in the beginning because nobody (including all the major banks, Visa and MasterCard) believed it was possible to build a secure and scalable system to accept payments and credit cards AngelPay Startup Booster Programover the Internet. Fortunately, we persevered and eventually built Authorize.Net into the most recognizable brand in the online payment processing industry.

Helping Startups Make Their Dreams Come True. Our entrepreneurial experience has given our team a deep appreciation for the struggles that early stage companies must endure to make their dreams come true. We know every penny counts in the beginning. So to help make our startup Members’ dreams come true, AngelPay waves our typical membership fees until they have sold at least $10,000 of their products and processed that same amount with AngelPay. Until they reach that point, all they pay is the mandatory Interchange fees that AngelPay must collect on behalf of Visa and the other credit card networks. (AngelPay does not keep a single penny of the Interchange fee.)

Eligibility. To be eligible for AngelPay’s Startup Booster Program, a company must be less than 12 months old and must demonstrate a viable business model by including a brief one-page executive summary of their business plan with their AngelPay Member Application. This process enables us to provide valuable constructive feedback on how to improve their business operations to achieve their goals as fast as possible. Each Member’s success contributes to the success of the entire AngelPay Community; so we try to do everything possible to support our startup Members during their most challenging early stage.

Next Steps: If you believe you are eligible for the Startup Booster Program or wish to sign up as a non-subsidized dues-paying Member of the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation, the first step is to submit a Member Application to help us understand your payment processing needs. Upon approval, we will contact you to recommend the most cost-effective solution for your needs.