AngelPay Rewards Program


Every AngelPay Affiliate begins by learning the simple elements in the Rewards Program table below. Click the links or icons in the table to reveal a brief description of each level.
Min # MembersMin Mthly VolumeAvg Mthly Volume / MemberReward Rate
Novice BadgeNovice0$0.00$7,00020%
AngelPay Apprentice BadgeApprentice5$100,000$20,00023%
AngelPay Executive BadgeExecutive10$500,000$50,00026%
AngelPay Star BadgeStar20$1,000,000$50,00029%
AngelPay Hero BadgeHero30$2,000,000$67,00032%
AngelPay Epic BadgeEpic45$5,000,000$111,00035%
AngelPay Legendary BadgeLegendary60$10,000,000$167,00038%
AngelPay Mighty BadgeMighty80$25,000,000$313,00041%
AngelPay Superhero BadgeSuperhero90$50,000,000$556,00044%

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Rewards Calculator

Current or prospective Affiliates may use the Calculator below to estimate your affiliate income.

Important Perspective on the Rewards Calculator

One of the Most Important Missions of Our Time. It’s important to always remember that the AngelPay Foundation is a nonprofit payment processing and economic development platform with an important mission. That means we help everybody in the AngelPay Community to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible, which we believe is one of the most important, socially conscious missions in today’s unstable global economy.
AngelPay Shares the Wealth. In contrast to other payment processors, AngelPay keeps a much smaller fraction of all the funds processed through our nonprofit payment processing platform. The only reason we keep any funds at all is to cover AngelPay’s infrastructure costs, reasonable staff salaries, and the financial rewards to our Affiliates.
Improving the Quality of Life in Our Communities. Working together, we can improve the profitability and quality of life for many organizations and people in virtually every community. To accomplish this, AngelPay provides the technical tools, financial opportunities, decades of industry experience, training and education, and positively aligned incentives throughout the AngelPay Ecosystem; you provide your enthusiasm and networking talents. Together, we can create one of the most fun, fair, transparent, and rewarding communities in human history.

Rewards Program Details

The following guidelines are intended to help prospective AngelPay Affiliates understand all the features of the AngelPay Rewards Program.
angelpay-rewards-program-table-col1Levels: These are descriptive, fun, and memorable phrases that help our staff and our Affiliates recognize and appreciate what level each Affiliate has achieved within the Program. Affiliates graduate from “Novice Angel” to “Guardian Angel” one level at a time as they grow their AngelPay Member Networks and achieve the required milestones that correspond with each level.
angelpay-rewards-program-table-col2Achievements: As an Affiliate, there are only two basic factors (“Required Milestone Factors”) that determine your Program rewards: (1) the number of Members who join because of you; and (2) the total monthly payment volume that those Members process through the nonprofit AngelPay payment processing platform. In the Rewards Program table (under the “Overview” tab), there is an “Achievements” column, which contains two sub-columns. Let’s take a closer look at these two columns.
“Min # Members”: This column displays the numerical range of Members that Affiliates must help to join the AngelPay Community before the Affiliate can graduate to the next level in the Program. Prospective Members introduced to AngelPay become official Members after they start processing their payments through the AngelPay payment processing platform and pay the appropriate membership dues. All the Members that you introduce to AngelPay can be perceived as your personal “AngelPay Member Network”. Thus, the level you achieve depends on the size of your personal Member Network and the Minimum Monthly Volume of your Member Network, which we discuss next.
“Min Mthly Volume”: This column displays the amount of total monthly payments that AngelPay has processed for your Member Network. For example, if you have 10 Members in your Network and they are collectively processing $1 million per month, then $1 million is the total monthly payment volume attributed to your Member Network. In this case, 10 Members and $1 million in total monthly volume is within the “Star” Rewards Level. Now let’s say you have introduced 90 Members and all those Members are collectively processing at least $50 million per month with AngelPay. In this case, $50 million per month is associated to you, which means you have graduated to the “Superhero” Level and are receiving the corresponding Superhero rewards.
angelpay-rewards-program-table-col3Guidance Columns: These two columns are provided as a courtesy to help Affiliates understand two basic concepts: (1) The average monthly processing volume per Member for each Program level; and (2) the rewards associated to each level. Let’s look at each of these concepts more closely.
“Average Monthly Volume per Member”: This is not a milestone or a requirement; it’s simply a useful guide to help our Affiliates manage their time and energy most effectively. Paying attention to the estimated monthly volume per Member within their own Member Networks and comparing those estimates to our guide in the main Program table helps Affiliates develop a sense for the their own optimal combination of:
  1. the typical monthly processing volume per Member in their own Member Network (Why is this important?); and
  2. the typical size of the Member Network that enables most successful Affiliates to achieve each corresponding Program level.
“Reward Rate”: The Reward Rate is an incremental (technically called “marginal”; see below) percentage rate that corresponds to the monthly cash rewards that each Affiliate receives for helping their Members join the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation. For example, Affiliates that achieve the Guardian level receive 47% of all the Membership Dues that the AngelPay Foundation receives from their Members. Each Affiliate’s cash rewards continue being distributed to the Affiliate every month for the life of their Members’ membership with the AngelPay Foundation.
Marginal Reward Rate Explained: Anybody who has ever paid income taxes should be familiar with the concept of a “marginal rate”. In this case, instead of being taxed, Affiliates are paid a cash reward at a marginal rate. To avoid any confusion, it is important to understand that the Reward Rate is a marginal rate that corresponds with each Program level achieved.
For example, if your Required Milestone Factors performance is within the Epic Level (between 45 to 60 Members and at least $5 million in monthly processing volume), then your top marginal Reward Rate is 35%. However, because the Epic Level is the sixth level, you will be paid for levels 1-5 at the marginal rate that corresponds with each of those levels, too. In other words, you will be paid at six different rates for each group of Members that corresponds to each level.
Of course, this entire process is fully automated for you, so you don’t need to do the math unless you really want to. You can use the Rewards Calculator any time to estimate your rewards at each level. Additionally, every Affiliate has secure access to their own AngelPay Affiliate Center, which provides detailed statistics about their Rewards and their Member Network performance.
angelpay-einstein-quoteEverything Should be as Simple as Possible, but No Simpler. We agree with Einstein and we realize the incremental (“marginal”) Reward Rate is more complicated than having only one rate, but that would create an unsustainable drain on the AngelPay Foundation’s resources, which would compromise the quality of the service we provide to our Members. We like simplicity, which is why we’ve simplified every other aspect of the payment processing and Rewards Program experience for our Members and Affiliates, but some things in life require a certain measure of complexity to preserve their sustainability. The AngelPay Rewards Program is still the most generous, sustainable affiliate program that we’ve seen in any industry and we do everything possible to help our Affiliates to be as successful as possible within the scope and limitations of our nonprofit mandate.
IMPORTANT: To graduate to each level, Affiliates must successfully achieve both Required Milestone Factors corresponding to each level. Achieving the minimum number of Network Members without achieving the Minimum Total Monthly Volume (or vice-versa) is not sufficient.