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AngelPay Membership Seal--Returning wealth and power back to the creators and merchants of value. The AngelPay Mission Statement is a succinct expression of our purpose, which focuses the AngelPay Foundation and the AngelPay Membership Community on the following core values and activities:

AngelPay Community Values

Support Value Creators. Provide our financial services at low or no cost to people and organizations that create meaningful value for humanity.
Promote Fair Capitalism. Promote the principles of Fair Capitalism (as opposed to Broken Capitalism; see also the audiobook).
Share Knowledge & Protect Wealth. Provide nonpartisan education, training, tools, and networking opportunities to help sincere people and organizations understand and navigate global economic and geopolitical trends so they can create, contribute, and protect their wealth and power from abusive organizations and global economic instability.
“Pay What You Can” Membership Dues Philosophy. We understand that every individual and organization is different with different financial pressures and resources. That’s why we give our AngelPay Members the power to choose their preferred membership dues levels based on whatever they can pay. The simple calculator under the “Dues Calculator” tab above enables prospective Members to see AngelPay’s general operating cost and break-even point for our nonprofit payment processing platform. With this information, individuals and organizations can choose how much or how little they want to contribute to support the mission of the AngelPay Foundation.
Join the AngelPay Community. Whether you’re operating a small startup company in your garage, a charitable nonprofit organization, or a sophisticated Fortune 500 corporation, AngelPay can help. By joining the AngelPay Community of merchants and value creators and supporting the AngelPay Mission, together we can return wealth and power back to you, your organization, and your community.
Next Steps: If your organization intends to use any of AngelPay’s payment processing services and you have already visited the Dues Calculator under the tab above, then the next step is to submit a Member Application to help us understand your payment processing needs. Upon approval, we will contact you to recommend the most cost-effective solution for your needs.
Calculate your merchant payment processing savings with AngelPay.Dues Calculator. Organizations that can benefit from any of AngelPay’s nonprofit services now or in the future can become an AngelPay Member by submitting a Member Application. Prior to submitting your application, you can use the Membership Dues Calculator below to visualize your cost savings and determine how much you want to contribute to support the AngelPay Foundation.
Membership Dues Calculator Explained. The Membership Dues Calculator enables prospective AngelPay Members to develop a deeper appreciation for the costs involved in delivering AngelPay’s nonprofit payment processing services. In particular, the “AngelPay Break-Even Cost per Transaction” percentage is what it costs the AngelPay Foundation to process each organization’s corresponding “Avg Monthly Volume”. These costs include all third-party fees mandated by the banks and credit card networks (Visa/MasterCard/etc), staffing, modest marketing activities, and administrative overhead. As you can see, we run a very tight operation to ensure complete alignment with the AngelPay Mission.
What is “Processor X”? Processor X represents any other company that provides payment processing services. In the chart above, the Processor X column illustrates the typical total fees associated to for-profit payment processors compared to AngelPay’s costs. Both columns include mandatory Interchange fees (explained below) and the added cost of each processor to help our Members understand AngelPay’s break-even point and membership dues cost compared to the added markup cost of the typical for-profit payment processor. This is the only way to see a true “apples-to-apples” comparison of the total cost of all service providers.
Interchange Fees (“Industry Taxes”). The gray bars in the chart above illustrate the portion of total cost attributed to mandatory Interchange Fees, which the credit card networks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) force all payment processors to extract and relay to them. (You can learn more here.) All payment processors (including AngelPay) must extract the same Interchange Fee (“tax”) for each type of transaction. No processor is allowed to keep any portion of the Interchange Fee.
How Much Should an Organization Contribute? Organizations can contribute as much or as little as they want to support the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation. However, please keep in mind that AngelPay provides significant value and cost savings to our Members. So please be generous! With your generous contributions, together we can expand the scope of our charitable activities, expand the AngelPay Platform to include many other nonprofit services in the future, and promote the principles of Fair Capitalism to heal the economic wounds that have destroyed much of the global economy over the past several decades.
Want a More Detailed Analysis? For those who want to perform a more detailed analysis, please view the Industry Comparisons page and the detailed Savings Calculator to compare and visualize AngelPay’s nonprofit membership dues to the costs associated to for-profit payment processors.
AngelPay Shares the Wealth and the Savings. At each level of processing volume AngelPay is able to reduce our per-transaction processing costs and we share those savings with our Members. This is one of the ways we accomplish the AngelPay Mission.
Sustainable Savings at All Volume Levels. Many merchant payment processors catch customers with ridiculously low teaser rates and then crank up their fees after they’ve captured their prey. All service providers can claim to provide “volume discounts”, but the AngelPay Foundation is the only actual nonprofit payment processing platform that can legitimately and sustainably provide the lowest possible total processing cost at virtually all volume levels.
With AngelPay, You Don’t Need to be an Alien Language Expert. To understand the prices of other payment processors, you must develop expert fluency in alien vocabulary and confusing payment industry buzz words that have no meaning in the real world. (All these words could literally fill a small alien language dictionary.) In contrast, every earthling can understand AngelPay’s simple “Pay What You Can” membership dues.
No Service Fees. AngelPay membership dues are not a “service fee” because the dues payments are not associated to any particular service or product. Any person or organization who wants to support the AngelPay Mission can become an AngelPay Member. As an AngelPay Member, individuals and organizations may use any of our current and future financial services; attend valuable education, training and networking events; receive valuable economic news and reports; stay up-to-date with newsletters about how AngelPay is promoting and supporting Fair Capitalism around the world, and many other benefits.
To find answers to frequently asked questions about AngelPay membership, please visit our Frequently Asked Question page.  
1. Important Disclosure Statement.
AngelPay Membership Dues Donations. If you are contributing on behalf of an individual or entity that does not need to use any of AngelPay’s financial services, please use the contribution form below. Otherwise, please follow the instructions under the “Dues Calculator” tab above. [CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”15″]