AngelPay Savings Calculator

The AngelPay Savings Calculator provides several useful ways to analyze your payment processing costs and to compare your existing merchant payment service provider to the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation. To begin using the Savings Calculator, adjust the options below for your particular situation. If you need help with any of the features, click on the blue links throughout the Calculator to see a popup help message.


Every organization has different budgetary priorities and different levels of expertise in measuring their costs and performance. This is why we provide the most flexible tools possible, which enables our Members to determine the best way to measure and minimize their costs.

If you have any questions about the Savings Calculator or anything else, we encourage you to visit our FAQ. You can also learn some interesting facts about Interchange Fees and markups, which will reveal why comparing markups is the most accurate measure of the true cost of your payment processor.

Next Steps: The first step is to submit a Member Application to help us understand your payment processing needs. Upon approval, we will contact you to recommend the most cost-effective solution for your needs.