Artist Appreciation

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Why We Appreciate Artists. Artists serve a special role in every society. They often reflect the values and aspirations of their communities in ways that most other people cannot articulate. When we experience a Michelangelo painting, a poem by Shakespeare, a symphony by Mozart, a ballad by Frank Sinatra, or modern-day songs by Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Adele, Lady Gaga and many others, that experience captures our spirit. It enables us to transcend our pain, anxiety, and the stress of modern life. How many people in other industries can seriously say that about their work?
Artists Are Suffering. Unfortunately, many artists are suffering today because their work is often easy to copy and distribute without their permission. Several of our AngelPay Team members are talented and passionate artists and they are deeply saddened by the lack of appreciation and compensation ravaging the global artist community. Although we can’t magically make these problems go away, we can help many artists in some meaningful ways.
Helping Artists Make Their Dreams Come True. To help make our artist Members’ dreams come true, AngelPay waves our typical membership dues until they have sold at least $5,000 of their artwork and processed that same amount with AngelPay. Until they reach that point, all they pay is the mandatory Interchange fees that AngelPay must collect on behalf of Visa and the other credit card networks. (AngelPay does not keep a single penny of the Interchange fee.)
Eligibility. AngelPay’s Artist Appreciation Program is for serious artists who have committed themselves to being professional artists. To be eligible for this program, an artist must have a substantial portfolio of their own artwork already because that’s the only way we can determine how serious they are. “Substantial portfolio” means:
  • Singers & Songwriters: At least five (5) songs that are officially available for purchase from one or more third-party distribution channels (e.g., iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.).
  • Visual Artists (Painters, Illustrators, Sculptors, Actors, Movie Producers, Screenwriters, etc.): At least two (2) finished productions that are available in one or more third-party distribution channels (e.g., art galleries, Sotheby’s, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube Paid Content, etc.). For movie producers, actors, and screenwriters, the duration of their films must be at least 60 minutes each.
  • Book Authors & Poets: At least one book for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Audible.
  • Performance Artists: Most forms of art can generally be classified by the timing of when their audience experiences their artwork. For example, if the artist delivers their art in the form of a live performance (e.g., live theater, ballets, musicals, symphonies, and dance troupes), then that is “performance art”. In contrast, art that is created without live audience engagement and then is sold at a later time would be “non-performance art”. Performance artists must have a video portfolio of at least five (5) public showings of their artwork, in which each performance was presented to at least 50 people. Each video must clearly show the audience size and clear proof that the artist was performing in the show.
  • All Others: If your artwork does not fit into the categories above, you may submit a brief one-page (or less) summary of your artwork to help us understand your artwork and verify your portfolio.

General Requirements

Every organization has limited resources; so we can only help serious artists who can prove that they are truly ready, willing, and able to unleash their artwork into the world in a big way. With that in mind, please be aware of the following general requirements, which apply to all artists in all categories seeking to qualify for the AngelPay Artist Appreciation Program.
Personal Website & Social Media Presence. All artists must have a personal website that attractively presents their portfolios. They must also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (writers don’t need a YouTube account) to promote their artwork. This is because we know from experience that no artist in today’s world can succeed without having the discipline and the ability to promote their artwork across the Web, especially through social media.
Distribution Channel Verification. For artwork that requires distribution, each of the distribution channels presented in your application must be independently verifiable using the Google search engine. We use Google because they refresh their search index much more frequently than all the other search engines.
What About Artists that Do Not Meet the Eligibility Criteria? Any artist can become a Member of the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation and receive all the benefits of membership, but if they don’t qualify for the Artist Appreciation Program, then they need to pay the low-cost AngelPay membership fee. The eligibility criteria described above are solely to determine whether artists qualify to have their membership fee waved. Artists that do not qualify for the program and cannot pay the membership fee can still participate in the AngelPay Art Contest, which enables them to earn their monthly membership by doing well in the contest. All artists can also receive cash rewards if they participate in the AngelPay Rewards Program.
Good Luck, Artists! Our programs provide meaningful assistance to serious artists who have chosen a challenging but rewarding career. We wish all our current and aspiring artist Members much success and personal fulfillment throughout their artistic careers.
Next Steps: If you believe you are eligible for the Artist Appreciation Program or wish to sign up as a non-subsidized dues-paying Member of the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation, the first step is to submit a Member Application to help us understand your payment processing needs. Upon approval, we will contact you to recommend the most cost-effective solution for your needs.