Disclosure Statement

It’s impossible to predict how other companies will present their prices. Many companies do not disclose their hidden fees; sometimes they give discounts that are not disclosed on their websites; and many other factors can impact their prices. For these reasons, our Dues Calculator compares AngelPay against an average of all the prices from a large number of credit card processors and processing programs across a broad range of transaction categories. Whether the average price computed by the calculator is higher or lower than the price quoted by any particular competing payment processor is beyond our control. As a result, we can’t be sure that the savings displayed in the Dues Calculator will be your exact savings. (For a more precise savings calculation, use our much more detailed Savings Calculator.) Nevertheless, AngelPay is more cost-effective than any of the reputable processors that we’ve evaluated within the past several years. Regardless of whether their price is more or less than the average price used in the calculator’s computations, your savings should be significant, especially on a yearly basis.